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Knowledge Management

At a consulting company, knowledge is the second most important asset after humans. The people of Business Insight can search and use the information and knowledge that they want through the Knowledge DB, which has been accumulated for many years.

Excellence Training Program

As a consultant, there cannot be an end to the effort in self-development. Business Insight trains the best talents through various internal & external education/training programs such as Mentoring and Reading Club.

Accident Insurance

Other than the 4 major social insurances, we are enrolled in group accident insurance, so when the spouses of executives/employees are involved in sudden accidents, they can be compensated for hospital admission and medical expenses.

Medical Check-Up

To systematically care our employees’ health, which is an important factor for competition in everything, all the employees at Business Insight receive medical check-ups once a year (40 years old or younger will receive every 2 years)

Visioning Workshop

The Visioning Workshop, in which all the employees of Business Insight participate, is held twice a year so that you can freely express your idea of personal future as well as the company’s future, and through mutual communications, we build the spirit of ownership and the sense of family.

Refresh Program

Through our “Refresh Program,” we provide vacation and travel expenses to our employees and their families every three years since their official joining year.