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Masatoshi Ito, the CEO of 7-Eleven once said, "If you want to succeed in business, you must be a half step ahead."
As the name of the company suggests, by looking one step further and offering strategies for the client companies to perform a half step ahead, Business Insight hopes to be the partner that helps client companies succeed.

We would like to thank all the customers who continuously care for and love Business Insight.

A company where I used to work for once invested a huge amount of money on a very important project.
However, I witnessed the company swirling into a huge crisis due to a consulting firm lacked in capability and enthusiasm.

Later on, while I was working in the consulting field, I promised to myself, "Without the success of the customers, there is no future for the consulting business."
it was, "If you cannot provide more value than what you have received from the customers, it is not worth continuing the consulting business."

Our company's core value is, "A strong company that provides actual values to the customers, a friendly company that serves society, and a good company that stands by its employees in practicing their values."

Realizing our customers’ values is our priority in both the Knowledge Service(Consulting, IT Service) and the Platform Service(O2O Commcerce) fields.

To earn the respect of the customers! To earn the trust of our partner companies! Business Insight will continue to move forward today as always.

CEO Joonkyung Sung